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How to adjust the setting of Brother Machine's Sleep Time
almost 3 years ago

Generally, we all know that when the printing machine is in sleep mode then it can reduce the power consumption. And machine acts as it is OFF.


You can also select for how much time the device should be idle before it goes into Sleep mode. When the printer accepts a system data or makes a copy, then at that situation timer will be reset.


If you want to adjust the Brother Machine's Sleep Time setting then contact Brother Printer Technical Support.


Required Steps to adjust the setting of Brother Machine’s Sleep Time


  1. First, you need to click on the file option than print option from the menu bar of an application.
  2. Now carefully check machine name is chosen and tap on the Properties.
  3. Hit on the advanced tab option and then Other Print Options.

Select Sleep Time under Printer Function. After performing, steps carefully select the setting to set for Sleep time option.

  1. Finally, you need to tap on the OK.

Note: There are 3 types of setting

  • Auto

This is the most appropriate setting which automatically adjusts printer for the most suitable timeout.

  • Manual

It turns the machine into the Sleep mode for the specific time which is set by a user.

  • Printer Default

This setting turns the device into the Sleep mode when the exact time set at the factory passes without getting data after the machine prints the last job.


For additional assistance call Brother Printer technical support number 1-800-862-1908 for quick support. And for more info you can also visit printersupportsnumber.com, it is the third party printer service provider.

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